My name is Kelli Baier, and I am the Nutrition Educator for Birk Grove and Paducah Physiatric Partners. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a Minor in Psychology from Murray State University. When I began my college career, I had known for years I wanted to go into the field of psychology, and had no doubts about that…until I took a nutrition class. I knew I had found my field, it was the perfect balance for me. I still get to use my psychology background, but I also get to share my passion for food and nutrition.

After I changed my major to Nutrition, I got my first job in the Nutrition/Health & Wellness field. I was hired on by a company to be a Weight Loss Counselor…this was the first job I ever LOVED <3! I love working with people one on one to help them achieve their goals, whether that be to clean up their diet or lose weight…I love it all! I love building relationships with people and showing them that they can still eat well without feeling deprived.

This blog was set up to share information that I feel will be useful to most individuals that struggle with eating well, just want updated information on nutrition and wellness, or reassurance on why they began this journey in the first place. Feel free to comment like or share…we learn something new everyday! And I’m just as likely to learn something new from you, as you are from me 🙂

You can follow me on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/nutritioneducationwithkelli

And you can follow our office page at: http://www.facebook.com/birkgrovelifecentreandpaducahphysiatricpartners

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