Ways to help lift the fog from Brain Fog…

brain fog

Brain fog is an unfortunate reality that many people have to deal with on a daily basis…especially if you suffer from chronic pain or fibromyalgia. People that suffer from brain fog may lose things frequently, suddenly forget where they were going, forget what they were doing, have short term memory deficiencies, frequently exhibit an inability to form clear/concise thoughts, trouble recalling simple words, forgetting mid-sentence what they were saying…and many other things. For those that suffer from brain fog and have jobs that rely on their ability to recall facts and information, this can be especially frustrating.

Fortunately there are a few things that can help with brain fog…

  • Fish Oil… Fish oil has many benefits (it’s anti-inflammatory, it can lower triglycerides and cholesterol, it can lubricate the joints, it can also help with dry skin and dry eyes) but for those that suffer from ADD/ADHD and brain fog, it can actually help with brain function! Fish oil helps brain cells communicate with each other, so go out and pick some up…because it’ll help more than just the brain fog 😉 But, don’t go buy just any fish oil…do some research. You can read my blog on fish oil, it’s a good place to start. My favorite fish oil can be purchased here for a discounted price.
  • CoQ10… is found in the mitochondria in cells, many deficits associated with aging can be attributed to lower levels of CoQ10 in the cells. Although CoQ10 can be found in some food sources, it’s not enough to restore inadequate amounts in your cells…so supplementation is the only option. Many people report memory improvement and clearer thinking with supplementation. Therapeutic dosages range from 100-300mg. Any dosages above 300mg should be monitored by a physician. My favorite can be found here. Another added benefit to supplementing CoQ10 is increased energy…CoQ10 acts to oxygenate tissues, which can led to more supple tissues throughout the body, especially in the muscles.
  • B-Complex… B Vitamins support nerve function and brain function. If your serum blood levels are deficient for B vitamins, you can suffer from headaches, fatigue, and brain fog. B-12 is one of the best B vitamins you can take for energy, but it also helps with mental clarity. The best way to supplement your B vitamins would be to take a Multi B Complex once a day sublingually (under the tongue) either in a dissolving tablet or liquid. Then, if you felt like you needed some additional energy or B-12 to take a sublingual B-12 supplement, that was just B-12. It comes in a variety of strengths, but I personally prefer to take 5,000 mcg (and I take a few at a time, at that), because I cannot feel a bit of difference if I take 1,000mcg. But watch you ingredients in sublingual vitamins…They like to sweeten them, frequently, with a bunch of junk. The easiest B Complex sublingual to find that isn’t sweetened with Aspartame or Splenda is Source Naturals Coenzymate B Complex (it has CoQ10 added for better assimilation into the body). My favorite sublingual B-12 is Natural Factors Methylcobalamin 5,000 mcg. It’s sweetened with xylitol, which is natural and derived from birch trees…it’s my favorite alternative sweetener. The Natural Factors is also a methylcobalamin B-12, instead of the standard cyanocobalamin…Methylcobalamin is more bioavailable and easier to absorb in the body.
  • Acetylcholine… Is a neurotransmitter that helps the nerves communicate with each other and is crucial for forming memories. Lower levels of acetylcholine have been associated with Alzheimers and anxiety…acetylcholine also helps with attention, arousal, and motivation. There are supplements that you can take that can help to raise your acetylcholine levels, however you do want to check with a physician before you start a regimen to raise your levels, to make sure it’s right for you and your current medications & conditions (as with any supplement). Douglas Laboratories manufactures quality supplements that are pharmaceutical grade and free of gluten, soy, and many other fillers…they make a supplement called Brain Memory that works quite well.
  • Avoid refined sugar… studies show that diets high in refined sugar, like white sugar and high fructose corn syrup, are linked to altering learning and memory. Research shows that diets high in refined sugars can hinder learning and the ability to recall what was learned…research further showed that when Omega-3s were administered in helped regain some memory and learning abilities. So cut the sugar, and opt for stevia or xylitol as a sweetener and start taking your fish oil 🙂
  • Eat more blueberries, strawberries and spinach for the flavonoids
    some research shows that diets that are higher in flavonoids appear to delay memory deterioration. While other research suggests that flavonoids can improve memory, learning, and neuro-cognitive performance.

So…try implementing some things from this list, one at a time preferably (so you know what is doing what), and see if you notice any improvement. Brain fog can be very frustrating, but know you are not alone. Hopefully you find some of these suggestions helpful and get some relief.

If you have any suggestions on future blog topics, feel free to leave a comment or send a message and let me know 🙂

Always consult your physician before adding any new supplements to your routine to make sure they are right for you and your current medications.









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